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In the late 1930’s, Makins Sand and Gravel became the first redi-mix concrete supplier in Oklahoma County. It was during the early part of the 1950’s that Charles H. Makins decided to enter the asphalt materials supply business to become the premiere supplier of paving materials in the Central Oklahoma area.

During this period, Hugh M. Smith graduated from Oklahoma A&M College (now Oklahoma State University) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1949. In 1953, Hugh Smith was hired by Mr. Makins to oversee the installation and operation of the company’s first Hot Mix Asphalt Plant. This new diversification of the Makins Concrete Company led to the creation of Atlas Paving Company in 1956 to perform asphalt and concrete paving.

Over the next 20 years, Hugh Smith worked diligently to promote the success of Makins Concrete Company and Atlas Paving Company. Atlas Asphalt Products, was created in 1965 as the asphalt materials and sales component of the companies. Mr. Smith took every opportunity to reinvest into the firm and eventually became President of all Companies in 1972.

Hugh’s son, Bruce Smith graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1977. After a short time working in the professional engineering field, Bruce returned to Oklahoma City to work in the family business. Over the next few years, the Smith family became the sole owners of all the companies’ interests.

In 1983, Atlas Asphalt Products purchased a 250 Ton per Hour Drum Mix Asphalt Plant to replace their aging Batch Plant. The plant featured full recycling capabilities and the ability to store 400 tons of mix. The Atlas Companies continued to experience steady growth while remaining economically stable in a volatile, competitive market. In 1988, Bruce Smith became President of The Atlas Companies, while Hugh Smith retired ending 35 years as leader and visionary of the companies he founded.

Under the direction and leadership of Bruce Smith, the company began to take well measured steps of growth and expansion in the asphalt paving industry. In 2003, a state-of-the-art Hot Mix Asphalt Plant was installed featuring an Astec “Double Barrel” 300 Ton per Hour counterflow drum mixer and two (2) 300 ton storage silos with the added ability to use recycled oil as it’s heating source. To service an increasing customer market, the company began acquiring dump trucks and long haul trucks to supply it’s products. To organize the ownership and management of it’s trucking services, Grace Trucking Company was formed and incorporated in 2005. The name Grace Trucking was chosen by Bruce Smith to honor God for all the blessings he had bestowed on his family, the company and its employees. As of this date, the fleet has grown to over 50 Owned and Leased Dump Trucks and Tractor Trailers. The Atlas Companies now consisted of Atlas Paving Company, Atlas Asphalt Products and Grace Trucking Company.

Recent years have seen a continued, controlled growth of the companies. Increases in production demand have led to expansions of our product recycling facility and Asphalt Plant. In 2008, a 400 Ton per Hour Astec “Double Barrel” Green System featuring Warm Mix Technology, with an additional 300 ton storage silo, was added to our central plant. In 2012, we will begin producing asphalt at our second location with a 300 Ton per Hour Astec plant located on Waterloo  Road in Logan County, OK.

For over 60 years, The Atlas Companies have built a successful business with a reputation for integrity, honesty and the highest quality of workmanship. This is a direct reflection of the employees and leadership of the company both past and present. We look forward with faith to continued success by the grace of God and an unfailing dedication to the principles that made this company what it is today.

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