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Atlas Paving Company

Atlas Paving Company, located in Oklahoma City, specializes in road and street construction for private subdivision as well as construction and overlay of streets and roads for municipal, county and state entities. This multi-faceted construction company is made up of 4 individual crews that are skilled craftsmen in their respective fields.

  • The drainage crew specializes in stormwater drainage systems performing excavation, placement of pre-constructed pipe and structures as well as construction of custom drainage structures, manholes and inlets.
  • Sidewalks, curbs, gutters and ADA Compliant wheelchair ramps are constructed by our concrete crew to meet the most demanding specifications in a timely manner.
  • The grading crew is responsible for preparing the roadbed through different methods of sub-grade stabilization as well as finalizing grade to drain and fine grading to ensure maximum roadway performance.
  • Utilizing the latest technology along with years of experience, our paving crew can construct new asphalt roads or rebuild existing roadways for longevity even in the most extreme circumstances. Quality and Consistency is what separates an Atlas road from all others.

Atlas Paving Company is proud of our history and involvement in the growth of our local community. We work hard everyday to construct diverse roadways that are of the highest standards in quality and workmanship to serve the public for years to come.

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